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Website Animation in Goa

A well animated website is like well-oiled engine ready to perform and deliver at all times.  An animation is a film which is created using different animation software and often distributed in the .swf file format.  Website animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement in the static website.
 Animation in a website is an optical illusion of motion due to the phenomenon of persistence of vision, and can be created and demonstrated in a number of ways. The most common method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program, although several other forms of presenting animation also exist.
 There are a number of important issues that you should consider before you decide to introduce animation to your website, including:

  1. Superior Animation is expensive to design and create.
  2.  Animation increases to the page load times, sometimes.
  3.  Animation frequently necessitates additional software and plugins to play.
  4.  Animation is difficult and expensive to maintain and kept up-to-date.
  5.  Animation makes it demanding if not unmanageable for search engines to find text content within.
  6.  Animation can aid to sidetrack the user from reading the page content.


With these concerns in mind one should carefully consider the use of animation on a website and ask,  Is it really necessary? Is it a worthwhile investment of time and money? Or is there something better that we could invest in to improve the results of our website?

Some common forms of animation on a website:

  1. A logo that moves in some way.
  2.  A slide show of images highlighting products or services.
  3.  Help videos or product information video.
  4.  Animated Banners, advertising important features of the website or third party websites.
  5.  Interactive and animated navigation systems.

 The adding of animations to websites transform into 3 primary objectives

 1. Building brand recognition
 Using animation to create a memorable user experience and generate positive feelings towards the website and the company.

 2. Product / service Information
 To help sell more products and generate more revenue using video or animation to convey important information about a product or service that is difficult to do with text and images

 3. Advertising
 To sell more products and generate more revenue using animation to upsell or cross sell product / service offers.

 slideshow animationintro animationLogo animation
image slideshowphotogalleryspash page animationpicture slideshow
intro animationpicture slideshowintro animation
intro animationslideshow animationrealistic image animation
360 degree panoramaimage slide showintro animation
intro animationbanner animationbanner animation
holiday goa plannerbanner animation

Cost for Animation in Goa:

Simple Animation - Rs.5, 000/- to Rs. 10,000/-

Complex Animation - Rs.10, 000/- Rs. 20,000/-

Special Animation as per Client's Request - Price on Request.

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