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  SEO tips for your website

1. Write Articles
Write articles relevant to your field of expertise. It really is one of the best ways to get “organic traffic”. By organic traffic, I mean straight from the search engine – the kind of people who are actually interested in what you’ve said ( which is what they searched ) and not the kind that’s browsing around aimlessly. By keeping what you write similar to your niche or current topic, you're laying the way for good keyword placement which in turn raises your Google position and rank.

2. Submit to social booking sites
Some people refuse to self-promote because they see it as self – praising themselves. It's ridiculous, and nobody is going to know and appreciate your website like you do so you're the best person to get it out there. Once you've written your relevant, interesting articles you need to think up a quick description, pick out some keywords and then start submitting. Some of the biggest/highest ranking social books marking websites are:

StumbleUpon — can be excellent for long term traffic and is easily maniputable with "stumble exchanges" (but I recommend letting the users thumbs-up you the normal way personally).

Digg --quite good for long term traffic but can get arsey about constant self-promotion. Choose your best stuff to add here. — rarely get much actual traffic from here but it can be another quality link back tool.

3. Join forum
One of best forums for gaining PR/traffic is the Digital Point Forums.  I also recommend Googling for '".edu" forums', as educational links. Although forums don't necessarily provide a great deal of click-through traffic, well established (old & popular) forums have high page ranks which can filter through to popular threads and as such, benefit the links in your profile/signature. Bear in mind, however, that joining just to plug your site will likely result in you being banned in the forum. Post a few legible and relevant topics before you plug and run.

4. Free link exchange program
One of the best ways to boost your search engine ranking is to ensure that you have plenty of links pointing back to your site.  In other words, you need to increase your link popularity. When you exchange links with other web sites, be sure that they include the keywords you want to rank high for in the search engines.

5. Get listed in major directories
There are two popular directories you will definitely want your website listed in.  You won't get a lot of traffic from the actual directory listing BUT having a link from these quality directories may actually boost your exposure in Google, MSN and Yahoo's regular search.  Why?  Because many search engines are now looking at who is linking to your site in order to determine your rank for certain keywords.  So if they see you are linked from Yahoo's directory or the Open Directory they may view your site as the "authority" on the subject and rank you higher.

6. Submit your site to search engines
Add your site to the search engines, and you should understand what they look for when they decide how to rank your site.  The Big 3 Engines - Google, Yahoo and MSN (Live).  There are many search engines out there that bring traffic, but the reality is a very large percentage of search engine traffic comes from Google, Yahoo and MSN.  Yes, there are other engines like AOL, Netscape etc., but they too pull their results from the Big 3.  So in other words, once you start getting traffic from Google, Yahoo and MSN, you'll rank well in the others automatically.


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